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Did Crete have prehistoric connections with Norway in the Bronze Age? 

A Minoan message on a granite slab in Norway.

 Johan Jarnaes, a citizen of the small Norwegian town of Kongsberg, is the one making this assertion. Kongsberg is situated 80 km to the west of the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Johan Jarnaes holds university degrees in history, archaeology and languages. On a late evening in autumn 1987 Johan was out for a walk in the outlying fields surrounding the small town of Kongsberg. Due to the low sunlight he discovered some strange, unknown, signs on a flat granite slab. The slab was part of a farmyard belonging to a friend of his. Johan had been on the spot many times, but neither he nor his friend, the owner, had seen these signs before. The…

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Sacred Places – The Minoan Peak Sanctuaries

Knossos-sealThe peak sanctuaries were some of the sacred places of the Minoan civilization.  They are known as peak sanctuaries because they are located near or on the summit of mountains. They drew the boundaries between the divine and mundane and in the imaginary of the devotees they were a portal through which the divine presence would permeate the surrounding spaces with divine authority.

Peatfield, suggested that in Crete there are around twenty five peak sanctuaries and they ‘form a single class of shrine, representative of a peak sanctuary cult which was one of the features of a religious ideology which unified Minoan Crete’ (1). The characteristics he attributed to the identification of Minoan peak sanctuaries are: location (the peak sanctuary is always visible); the peak also offers clear visibility down the area; the sanctuary peak is visible to other sanctuary peaks; the peak was close to inhabited areas (Ibid). He also suggested that…

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Musik inspiriert aus der griechischen Mythologie — Hellēnismôs


EURYDIKE WARTET Text-Musik: Yannis Markopoulos Gesang: Vasiliki Lavina & Chorodia Eurydike, Eurydike, des Orpheus Musik wird dich führen Aus tiefster Finsternis in des Morgen Licht Alle Blumen blühen durch eine frische Liebkosung In tiefster Finsternis, ist Liebe die Führerin Und Eurydike wartet auf Orpheus und das Licht Die Sonne zieht in den Kampf und der […]

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CATUBODUA – Metempsychosis and the Queen of Death — Balkan Celts


„At one moment she was a broad-eyed, most beautiful queen, And another time a beaked, white-grey badb“. (Harleian manuscript 4.22) The central tenet of Celtic religion was metempsychosis – the transmigration of the soul and its reincarnation after death (Caesar J. De Bello Gallica, Book VI, XIV). This belief is probably best summed […]

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