The Long-Promised Ostia Antica Run-down

Ruins + Relics

Last week I posted a ton of photos from Ostia Antica in my „Objet d’art“ post, which you hopefully appreciated for Ostia’s loveliness. But I didn’t say much about the place. So if your curiosity was piqued last week, here you can get the full story:

ruins and ruins and ruins and ruins and ruins ruins and ruins and ruins and ruins and ruins

Back in the days of yore Ostia was Rome’s port city. Over time the mouth of the Tevere (or Tiber, whichever you prefer) has silted up and so Ostia is no longer quite as close to the sea. Now you might be thinking, „but what about those stinky beaches I’ve heard about near Rome, Ostia Lido or something?“ Yes, that’s Ostia too, but the archaeological site is Ostia Antica. And it is AWESOME.

pretty! pretty!

I would argue: better than Pompeii. While Pompeii has Vesuvius, and all the drama about the eruption, Ostia…

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