Aryan Israel

a clach an trushal (1) Clach an Trushel Menhir, Scotland.

The Megalith Builders

Who were the Megalith builders in Britain, and what purpose did their stone structures serve? Although the common belief is that they were Pagans, there is a wealth of evidence to show that they were the Hebrews and the Sethites of the Bible, and that Druidry was descended from Patriarchal practices.

There are five main types of these stone structures that are found all over Britain:

Menhirs – Single upright stones
Cairns – Piles of rocks, usually in a cone shape
Dolmens – A stone slab on three or more uprights
Cromlechs – A circle of stones sometimes enclosing dolmens or barrows (tombs)
Tumuli – Mounds of earth and stones covering a burial chamber

These types of stone monuments do not just appear in Britain, but are found all over Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, marking out the routes that…

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