The Mythology of the Zodiac: Taurus Myths

Jessica Davidson

After the excitement and energy of Aries, we come down to earth with Taurus. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus provides the physical container for the unborn potential of Aries to manifest. It stabilises and grounds the creative spark in the present moment, burrowing deep into the soil of life. The Taurus bull is a symbol of the power of nature, the embodied life force in form.

Taurus is sensual, receptive and grounded, and likes nothing more than bimbling along smelling the flowers and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. If you want to know the best places to eat or be entertained, ask a Taurus. They’re pragmatic and protective, and will relentlessly pursue the things they value – and good luck if you get in their way! There’s nothing more stubborn than a bull.

Taurus is a feminine sign and its symbol is the crescent moon above the…

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