Egyptian Influence on Minoan Religion and Culture

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The Minoans of ancient Greece embodied one the world’s first great civilizations, with innovations that pervaded nearly every facet of their lives. The Egyptians, across the sea and equally great in their own right, had a rich, ancient culture that undoubtedly influenced all who encountered it. When the two civilizations collided, an exchange of goods and ideas ensued that was to forever change the course of history.

Part 1: Minoan Culture and Religion at 1300 BC

The year 1350 BC marks the end of a prosperous era for the ancient Greeks known as Minoans. They were the first Europeans to use writing, were devoted to the development of art and culture, traded widely with surrounding areas by land and sea, and are known for building numerous sprawling palace complexes in the center of each of their (relatively) technologically advanced city-states. Like every civilization before and after them, the Minoans incorporated…

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