Greek Sculpture & Proportions

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The Greeks were the first to take human representation in art to another level. They were the ones who created ideal proportions and contrapposto, which later played a key role in Renaissance art. The reason behind this new progression was mainly because of the Greeks‘ paganistic religion; in essence, the Greeks wanted to find an ideal and beautiful human form (which included nudity).

There were three periods of development for the Greeks in art: Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic.

Archaic: 600 to 480 BCE

During this time, the Greeks were heavily influenced by the proportions of Egyptian art. For instance, looking at the Kouros sculpture below you can see that the form is very rigid. The arms are on it’s sides with his hands in fist form and thumbs coming out. Even looking at this, you can see the almond shaped eyes, hair that goes back, a torso that’s slightly smaller…

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