137 the Cosmic Code written by the ‚hand of God‘

Alternative Thinking 37

The mystery about α is actually a double mystery.

The first mystery – the origin of its numerical value α ≈ 1/137 has been recognized and discussed for decades.

The second mystery – the range of its domain – is generally unrecognized.

— Malcolm H. Mac Gregor, M.H. MacGregor (2007). The Power of Alpha. World Scientific. p. 69. ISBN 978-981-256-961-5.


Untriseptium is a temporary IUPAC systematic element name derived from the digits 137, where „un-“ represents Latin unum meaning „one“, „tri-“ from tres meaning „three“and „sept-“ from either Greek hepta or Latin septua, both meaning seven.

Research scientists usually refer to the element simply as element 137. Transuranium elements like this usually end up being named after a scientist or the location of a laboratory that does work in atomic physics.

If this element is actually discovered, it may be renamed to feynmanium (symbol Fy) after Richard Feynman.

Would element 137 – unitriseptium really spell the end of…

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