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west-terrace-antiochus-iLet me introduce you a larger than life ancient king (half Greek, half Armenian) called Antiochus I of Commagene (you are seeing above the head of his statue). He lived in the first century BCE in Asia Minor (today’s Turkey) and he apparently had a keen interest in astrology and hermeticism. He was born on the 16th of the Greek-macedonian month “Audynaios”, which roughly corresponds to our December, so chances are that Antiochus of Commagene was a Sagittarius.

This ancient king is somehow in vogue now, because as I am writing this article (December 2015) there are three topical issues somehow related to him: the bloodied Syria war, the Hannukah Jewish festival and the Hellenistic astrology! I am explaining below in what way.

First of all, Antiochus himself might have been a larger than life figure but his kingdom, Commagene, was a minuscule one (smaller than modern Israel)…

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