EL – The Middle Eastern God That Judaism Stole

Elpidio Valdes

The god El, from Ugarit, 13th century BC (limestone)
The god El, from Ugarit, 13th century BCE (limestone)

Did the Jews steal some other civilization’s god and make it their own? YES!

In the Canaanite religion, or Levantine religion as a whole, Eli or Il was the supreme god, the father of humankind and all creatures and the husband of the goddess Asherah as recorded in the tablets of Ugarit. [1] El appears in Ugaritic, Phoenician and other 2nd and 1st millennium BCE texts both as generic „god“ and as the head of the divine pantheon.

In the Hebrew bible El appears very occasionally alone (e.g. Genesis 33:20, el elohe yisrael, „El the god of Israel“, and Genesis 46:3, ha’el elohe akiba, „El the god of your father“), but usually with some epithet or attribute attached (e.g. El Elyon, „Most High El“, El Shaddai, „El of Shaddai“, El `Olam „Everlasting El“, El Hai, „Living…

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