Bronze Age Giants: Kurgan warriors of Russia & Asia 7 feet tall


Update: 01/07/2015. More 2-meter tall skeletons unearthed in Kazakhstan, and Russia in the past few months!

2 Meter+ skeleton kurgan giant 2012, Kumsai, Kazakhstan.2 meter+ skeleton (Over 6 ft 7 in. tall) Kurgan giant warrior 2012, Kumsai, Kazakhstan. Note 1 meter stick!

Some Kurgan Mounds, over 2,500 years old which are currently being excavated in Kazakhstan where the average height of men is over 1.80 meters (around 6 feet) and some exceed 2 meters (6ft 7+). One man exceeding 2 meters unearthed two years ago at Kumsai, Aktobe region Kazakhstan was compared to „Nicolai Valuev“ or the „Terminator“!…


„Sergey Bogdanov. – Despite the fact that the burial rite and anthropological features is undoubtedly the population happens to the Caucasus, such sites have not yet met.
Most representatives of the pit culture – quite strong people taller than 180 cm. This is not the limit. According to archaeologists, come across some individuals whose growth exceeds and…

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