Anointing Power

THE CROSS IS recognized as one of the most important symbols of the Roman Catholic church.  It is displayed on top of roofs and towers.  It is seen on altars, furnishings, and ecclesiastical garments.  The floor plan of the majority of Catholic churches is laid out in the shape of the cross.  Catholic homes, hospitals, and schools have the cross adorning the walls.  Everywhere  the cross is outwardly honored and adored–in hundreds of ways!
    When an infant is sprinkled, the priest makes the sign of the cross upon its forehead saying: „Receive the sign of the cross upon thy forehead.“  During confirmation, the candidate is signed with the cross.  On Ash Wednesday, ashes are used to make a cross on the forehead. When Catholics enter in „holy water,“ touch the forehead, the chest, the left and the right shoulder-thus tracing the figure of the cross.  The same sign is…

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