49. The sign of the cross




The point, the line, the circle and the cross are the basic elements to express the world with graphical means. They can be symbolically translated in the terms of division and follow the elementary quadrants. The point is the unity of the primordial division (in the First Quadrant), the line indicates the first division (in the Second Quadrant), the circle is the ideal limitation in space providing a new unity (in the Third Quadrant) and, finally, the cross is the representation of the perfect division (in the Fourth Quadrant).

These signs and their (subjective) meaning expose a fundamental part of human thinking. The point is psychologically a characteristic for a stop, a moment and/or place of observation. Wait… Here is something to pay attention to. It could be a star in the universe or a tiny spec under an electron microscope. The point is the smallest and the…

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