Cradle of European Civilization is in the Balkans

Vexman's Thoughts

While working on and researching about a far more complex issue, here is a subject worth all your precious time to learn about. I thought about posting this few days ago while debating the terminology / linguistic origin of naming the Slavic people and it certainly challanges the worldview of all those, who still believe that Sumerians and Mesopotamia were the cradle of European civilization(s).

The highly-developed culture of the people, inhabitating the river Danube valley throughout the flow of this magnificent river, was named as Vinča culture, deriving  its name from the village of Vinča located on the banks of Danube river, only 14 km downstream from Belgrade, where over 150 Vinča settlements have been excavated so far.


There is no evidence of war or defence structures in the towns / settlements and it appears that the Vinča people were a peaceful society, combining low-level agriculture with foraging…

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