Manx Vikings 1: Balladoole


IMG_20150518_102600 The reconstruction of Balladoole’s Viking boat-grave in the Manx Museum

I have been so in awe of this site-visit I haven’t mustered the confidence to blog about it yet. Back in May, I had the privilege to visit the Isle of Man for the first time on University of Chester business. I got to briefly look around the Manx Museum in Douglas, to explore a few of its many fabulous ancient and historic monuments, and also to meet and chat with some friendly and supportive archaeological major celebrities. In this post, I wish to present the well-known site of Chapel Hill, Balladoole, a site protected by Manx National Heritage.

IMG_8588 The hillfort ramparts from the site of the Viking boat-grave, looking out to sea

Situated close to the very south of the Isle between Castletown to its east and Port St Mary and Port Erin to its west, this…

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