Freya and Frigga – Ancient Goddesses of the North

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Freya and Frigga – one goddess or two? 

Because of the frequent overlapping that occurs in their myths and symbols, some authorities believe they are just regional variations of a single goddess.  Others insist that they are separate entities.  All agree they were among the most ancient of the Norse deities.

Together they represent the two aspects of the original Great Goddess with Freya serving as the maiden and Frigga the mother aspect.  As you will see below, their traits varied considerably.  Consequently, I have decided to treat them as two distinct, but related, deities.

Freya was a warrior goddess, a Valkyrie, and also the goddess of sensual love.  Though this captivating goddess has numerous lovers, she was the wife of the mysterious Norse god Od.  (Many scholars believe Od was another name for the chief Norse god Odin).

Frigga was the goddess of love, marriage and destiny.  She was…

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