GHOST DIVISION – On The BhutaGana of Mahadev & The Einherjar of Odin



GHOST DIVISION – On The BhutaGana of Mahadev & The Einherjar of Odin

[Author’s Note: This piece was initially intended as an offering for MahaShivRatri, which was this year in early March. A combination of delays in the writing and peer-review process – for which I take full responsibility – meant that it was not published until early April; as ‚Luck‘ [one potential translation for ‚Shiva‘] would have it, just in time for Arya Akasha’s first anniversary of proceeding ‚above ground‘ with our operations. References to matters of ‚timing‘ and dates , therefore, should be taken in this light.]

Tonight marks the high holy observance of MahaShivRatri – the Great Night of Shiva. Falling upon a New Moon when the sky is darkest, this is often regarded as the blackest point of the year. Appropriate, then, for MahaKaal.

As with many elements within Hinduism, there are several reasonings…

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