St. John the Baptist: How To Lose One’s Head for Christ

Aedificatio Dei

Mosaic of St. John the Baptist from the Church of the Dormition, Jerusalem Mosaic of St. John the Baptist from the Church of the Dormition, Jerusalem

The next list of saints in the Roman Canon begins with St. John the Baptist. Now, at first, I was thinking, that this article might be a little boring. Everyone knows pretty much everything about him. We have heard about his whole life, from birth to death, in the Gospels. There aren’t too many Christian legends about him, as there were about the apostles. Frankly, I was going to skip St. John, but actually, I discovered that there are quite a few interesting things that make him as interesting as he is!

Needless to say, St. John the Baptist is incredibly important for our Christian faith. His life is woven together by all four Gospels, although most of it is gathered from the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke). He was the son of Zechariah, a priest in…

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