Perseus, Wanderings and Exodus Comparisons

Biblical Roots of Certain Pagan Myths and Philosophies


[The AMAIC considers the Middle East – West comparisons of John R. Salverda as interesting, with some of them we think being very likely.

But we do not necessarily agree with all of the following]


Perseus Compared to Moses and the Danites of Jaffa

by John R. Salverda


The Wanderings

Perseus at the Danite seaport of Joppa

The Wanderings

The story of Perseus, like the story of the Exodus includes an episode of extensive wandering over African desert sands. „But Perseus, with the snake-haired monster’s head, that famous spoil, in triumph made his way on rustling pinions through the balmy air and, as he hovered over Libya’s sands, the blood-drops from the Gorgon’s Head dripped down. The spattered desert gave them life as snakes, smooth snakes of many kinds, and so that land still swarms with deadly serpents to this day.“ (Ovid’s Metamorphoses 4.770) For when the godlike…

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