Landscaping the Sacred

Earth skyward

The day was waning slowly as we approached Stonehenge from below the tourist tunnel. I pulled off the headphones that had been offered to everyone to help them understand what we were about to see. They offered only the distraction of fact and fancy, not the unbounded reality of the moment. Something let me know that I needed all my attention here and now. Nothing we ever learned about this place, historically, prehistorically, technically, could add to what was happening right now.

The long day behind us had been beclouded with a high, petty overcast. As for my wife and me, every little thing that day, had conspired to keep us away, (or to get us there just in time!.?) Once up on the Salisbury Plain, the sky above the western horizon, receding into the distance, began to clear. There they stood, as if older than time itself; these seemingly…

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