Lughnasadh, Irish Mythology, Tradition, and Fairs

Losing the Plot

Following the publication of the Brian Friel play; Dancing at Lughnasa, subsequently turned into a movie starring Meryl Streep; Lughnasadh (pronounced ‚Loo-na-sa) is one of the four Celtic cross quarter days.

Along with Beltane, Samhain and Imbrolic, Lughnasa  was celebrated throughout the Celtic world, and marked the end of summer as warm days grow shorter and the descent into winter begins.

Originally celebrated from sundown on the 31st July, or on the first full moon closest to this date, unlike the other quarter days which are more fixed, Lughnasadh, has a strong hold throughout the month of August.

Irish Mythology associated with Lughnasadh

The celebration is named after Lugh an Irish God associated with the sun, storms, craftwork and smithing and his name means ‚flashing light‘. He is said to have started the tradition in honour of his mother Tailtiu who died of exhaustion clearing the Irish midlands for agriculture. Funeral games…

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