Celtic Mythology as example of Promethean Transmission

The Apollonian Transmission

The tone of the Celtic myth, as it has come down to us, is wholly distinct from the Norse myth. Here we encounter less youthful anxiety, cataclysmic violence, gallows’ humor and simple madness. Though there is certainly violence and warriorhood.

Readers may not have to be reminded that the Celts, particularly in the regions from which these myths originate, such as Ireland and Wales, are of a more admixed nature than the Nordic types that would come to dominate. Here “Phoenician” admixture is perhaps likely. The Pataikoi that the Phoenicians bore on the front of their ships, refers to the proto-Jewish Ptah or Vulcan.

On the other hand, Promethean Transmission may have occurred at any later point via merchants, priests, shamans or „druids,” and perhaps at a much later date.  And our suspicion is merely increased here with the appearance of Biblical figures like Lamech and Noah in central Celtic…

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