Bull of Grom Div

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Storm clouds over norther Serbia, 2nd of August.

Terrible storms hit Serbia yesterday and today. Crops were destroyed, houses damaged, people killed. 

In Serbian the expression „On vedri i oblači“ means „he rules“, „he has absolute control, absolute power“. Literally this expression means „he makes the sky clear and cloudy“… Storm clouds over northern Serbia… You can read more about this in my post „The power of the Thunder Giant“ 

You can see why agricultural societies, like the Early Slavic society, would consider the Sky God, Perun to be the Supreme god… Procopius, 6th c. Byzantine historian, who tells us that the Slavs “believe that one god, the maker of lightning, is alone lord of all things…

Interestingly the 2nd of August is the old day of Perun, Slavic Thunder god. Painting depicting Perun by Andrey Shishkin.  

I like that Shishkin depicted Perun with a blazing sun on his chest. This is because Perun’s day falls in the middle of Kresovi (Fires), the hottest part of the year in the Northern hemisphere.  You can read more about this in my post „Two Crosses

This is why the 2nd of August is also the day of Helios, The burning sun. Today in Serbia known as the the day of St Elijah. St Elijah who every year gets so angry, that he wants to burn the world into cinder… Very saint like

read more:  http://oldeuropeanculture.blogspot.com/

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