Wheat wreath

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Harvest, 1902 painting by Serbian painter Nadežda Petrović

In Labor, northern Croatia, when the last sheaf of wheat was cut, it was thrown as high up as possible in the air with these words: „God give us bread as tall as this“. 

Then a wreath was made from the sheaf and wild flowers and was placed on the head of the most beautiful harvest girl. She would then take it to the field owner’s house. What this girl looked like can be seen on this picture from Ukraine where they had similar ritual.

In Ukraine it was important that the girl was also a virgin. This is in accordance with many other Slavic fertility rituals which directly link female fertility and Earth fertility. Earth being „Virgin mother“ is here represented by human virgin….

I Labor, the rest of the female harvesters would walk along with the girl carrying the wheat wreath singing:

resd more: http://oldeuropeanculture.blogspot.com/

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