The Uchee (Yuchi) . . . Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask!

The Americas Revealed

All references on the Uchee People read pretty much the same. They are mixture of half-cocked speculations by 19th and early 20th century academicians (who never met a Uchee in their life) with actual historical facts of the Late Colonial and Federal Periods. When Uchee descendants try to insert factual, referenced information into such references as Wikipedia, they are quickly deleted by Caucasian occultists . . . the same type people, who in 2012 deleted all references to the Creek Indians and famous Creek towns in the history sections of Wikipedia articles about all North Georgia counties. That is why there is no mention of Etowah Mounds National Historic Landmark in the Wikipedia article on Bartow County, Georgia. Any attempt to reinsert the three original paragraphs on Etowah Mounds are deleted within minutes by an elderly man living in rural England! He describes himself in Wikipedia as a…

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