The Myth of Atlas



In Greek mythology, Atlas was a son of the Titan, Iapetus, and the Oceanid, Clymene, who were also parents to Menoetius, Prometheus and Epimethus. He had seven daughters by his wife, Pleione, who were called by the common name, Pleides; and seven more by his wife, Aethra, called the Hyades (both the Pleides and Hyades are celestial constellations) – although Pleione and Aethra are often considered one and the same – whilst Hesperius is supposed to have also been the mother of Atlas‘ Hesperides.

Atlas, along with Menoetius, was involved in the revolt against the Olympians, and when the Titans were defeated his punishment was to hold up the sky (or the Heavens) to separate it from the Earth. He became commonplace on the front of world map books, thus the name ‚Atlas‘ became the title of these books, however this resulted in a misconception that Atlas holds up the…

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