Art during the era of Augustus and his successors (44 BCE-64 AD). Part III. Portraits and Sculpture

ArS Artistic Adventure of Mankind

When discussing the AraPacis and other monuments of the Augustan period, we have indicated the naturalism in the details and the balanced order of the compositions that characterize Roman sculpture.  We have also discussed the figurative representations of historical themes and local personifications of rivers, creeks and cities like the wonderful relief from the Via Appia showing three matrons crowned with towers representing three cities: one with the water jar-a city rich in water, Antioch close to the Orontes river-, the second with spikes -the metropolis of the Nile valley-, and the third fixes her mantle while leading the way -the Imperial Rome-.

The Three Tyches, marble, ca. 160 AD. (Louvre).

In the portraits made during Imperial Rome the peculiar circumstances of the appearance of each character were presented with some dignity: they showed the Etruscan realism influenced by the Roman political concepts of the day, which gave these portraits…

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