The Birth of Dionysus and the Twelve Days of Dionysos




In Orphic tradition the Nativity, Epiphany or birth (Genethlia) of Dionysus is celebrated in the evening of 24th December, and is the beginnng of 12 days of ritual worship of Dionysus the Saviour, and with each day one of the Olympian Gods (and their Divine Consorts) is also honoured.  In Orphic myth, Dionysus has two (or three) births hence He is known variously as the Twiceborn (Digonon) or Thriceborn (Trigonon) God.



In His first birth He is born to Persephone, as the  infant Zagrefs (Zagreus),  sired by Zefs (Zeus).    This first birth is known as the first influence of Zefs.  Zefs united with Persephone  in the form of a serpent,  and from this union Zagrefs was born.  Zefs  was pleased with his son and enthroned him, naming Him as his successor, and gave him His thunderbolts and sceptre, and presented him to the Gods as their king.   But…

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