This is My Body, Which is Broken: The Lunar Osiris Easter Special, Part 1


As covered in my previous post about the spring equinox, this is the time of year in which ancient Egyptians believed Osiris entered the moon. Through that event Osiris ushered in the spring season and with it the beginning of the resurrection of nature from the „death“ of winter. This connection of nature’s „resurrection“ to the god Osiris seems quite appropriate given that Osiris experienced his own bodily resurrection from the dead, here on earth. And it is this connection of Osiris with the cycles of nature which I would like to explore in the following series of articles to be published here at Mythicism.

When Osiris died, his corpse was later stolen by his brother Seth (a.k.a. Typhon), who betrayed him and plotted his murder. [1] Seth then literally broke the dead body of Osiris into several pieces and scattered them throughout the land of Egypt…

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