A2Z April 2019 — O — Omphalos

Tao Talk

An omphalos is a religious stone artifact, or baetylus. From point of view website:
Frequently such ‘Navels of the Earth’ also prove to have associations with meteorites – stones fallen from heaven. Many will have their own ‘navel stone’, or ‘sunstone’, or ‘foundation stone’, which will sometimes be accompanied by a tradition of a rod or pillar sunk into the earth or of an obelisk raised up. Each will additionally be depicted as a primordial centre of creation, from which all else grows: ‘The Holy One created the world like an embryo. As the embryo proceeds from the navel outwards, so God began to create the world from its navel onwards, and from there it was spread out in different directions.’

From Katexic clippings:
Many religious traditions feature omphalos stones (just one kind of many beatylus, or sacred stones.) These stones and sacred places were believed to be…

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