Bauval and his Pseudo-archaeological Orion Correlation Theory

Eric Edwards Collected Works

The OrionCorrelation Theory is a pseudo-scientific and pseudo-archaeological hypothesis originally proposed by the ‚New Egyptologist‘ Robert Bauval in 1983. The theory is one that is referred to within mainstream archaeology in derogatory terms as  „bullshit archaeology“ (Daniel, 1977). Robert Bauval is an author, lecturer, ex-engineer and researcher into ancient Egypt who was born in Alexandria in 1948. He is well known for his book The Orion Mystery written in collaboration with Arian Gilbert in 1994.

The Orion Correlation Theory (OCT) is also known as the Giza-Orion correlation theory (Bruce, 2009) and is a theory within the field called pyramidology. The Orion hypothesis is rooted in the observations of Robert Bauval at Giza. The essence of the theory is that it claims there is a correlation between the position of the three largest pyramids at Giza and the three stars comprising the belt in the constellation of Orion. Moreover, this was…

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