The ankh

MENA symbolism

ankhThe ankh is one of the oldest symbols to have survived up till today, originally used by the ancient Egyptians to represent life and living, the essence of existence. It stood for consciousness, well-being and simply being, as opposed to not being. The ankh was the symbol for energy and vitality in this life, and the revival and continuity in the hereafter. In his Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs (2000), James Allen confirms that all these meanings were not just arbitrarily added to the icon, but that in fact, the ankh was the hieroglyph standing for the sequence ‚-n-ḫ. These consonants were indeed found in the verb meaning „live“, the noun meaning „life“, and words derived from them, such as s’nḫ, which means „cause to live“ or „nourish“.  The original connection between the ankh’s image and this hieroglyphic meaning is still shrouded in…

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