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For all we know, the YTT supereruption at Toba did happen on June 16, 70,000-and-something, B.C.

Let’s say, then, that today is the 74th millennial anniversary of the moment when a Sumatran volcano began blasting out what would total seven thousand billion metric tons of magma in „one of the largest single eruptions ever documented, along with the 27.8-million-year-old Fish Canyon Tuff associated with La Garita caldera in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado . . . and the two-million-year-old Huckleberry Ridge Tuff of Yellowstone.“ (Oppenheimer, links added)

Tambora, shown above, is much smaller than Toba, but its 1815 eruption caused „The Year Without A Summer“ in the Northern Hemisphere. (Image: Jialiang Gao via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0)

This Top Three Me 8.8 event was two whole orders of magnitude greater than the largest eruption during historic times, when Tambora volcano…

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