January – the month of new beginnings in Ancient Rome


In Ancient Rome, January was a month of new beginnings, just as it is for us now. January was named after the god Janus – god of change and new beginnings in ancient mythology. Janus is represented by the image of a two-faced god, looking back at the past and facing the future at the same time. The image is also often taken to represent deceit or being „two-faced“.

As_janus_rostrum_okretu_ciach Image: Ultima Thule, 1927, Public Domain

Some commentators believe that January – Ianuarius in Latin – was actually one of the last months of the year, along with February.

The earliest Roman calendar is supposed to have been the handiwork of Romulus – one of the founders of Rome – and pre-dates Christianity. The year began in March – making January the penultimate month of the year. The year also only consisted of 304 days comprising ten months. Romulus and Remus

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