The Myth of Baal

Eric Edwards Collected Works

Ugaritic Mythology [Hooke Chap 3].

Intermediate region – between Babylon and Egypt is Canaan. The inhabitants are entirely Semitic speaking. Mythological fragments and writings of Philo of Byblos. Also Ras Shamra Tablets found 1928 at ancient north Syrian city of Ugarit.

Ugarit is mentioned in Bab and Hittite records. Had a cuneiform type script and were alphabetic.. with 28 letters. Ugaritic is closely related to Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew.

Tablets from the 14th century BC. Canaanite myths are earlier in origin and Canaanite myths in the Ras Shamrah tablets are divided into 3 groups. Group 1 is the largest and are concerned with Baal and his relations with the Canaanite pantheon and Hebrew mythology. Group 2 comprise the second cycle including the Epic of Kenet – King of Hubur – which may have a historical basis. Group 3 is the third cycle which contains the Legend of Aqhat the son of…

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