The bizarre tradition of the deformed skulls

Archaeology Mysteries

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, they say. Nevertheless, it is amazing what people have done to themselves over time in the name of beauty. Pierced ears, plate-shaped lips and full-body tattoos are just a few examples. Some of these beauty procedures are straight injuries of the concerned person. Broken and filleted teeth, unnaturally elongated necks and tied feet were once considered beautiful by the people who wore them, despite the pain they suffered.

A particularly severe intervention was here also the deformation of the head, inflicted by mothers on their newborn babies. Despite its bizarre cruelty, it seems to have been a surprisingly widespread tradition.

Since the archaeological finds from Latin America showing skull deformations were published further in the media than the traditions of other civilisations, also because of the context of the bloody rituals of the Maya and Aztecs, most of us will only know…

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