Mapping Avebury

Landscape and Monumentality

There are many plans and maps of Avebury available, from modern interpreations to John Aubrey 17th century edition. However, the map probably familair to most is William Stukeley’s which appeared in his book, ‚Abury, A Temple of the British Druids‘, published in 1743. Stukeley also provided a map of the landscape of the ‚Serpent Temple‘ that included Silbury Hill and the two stone avenues leading from the southern and western entrances of the huge stone circle.

Constructed during the Neolithic period, nearly five thousand years ago, even older than Stonehenge, it is perhaps surprising that we have a map of the henge and stone circles Avebury at all. Systematic destruction of the Avebury complex began in the 14th century when many of the great sarsen stones were dragged down and broken up for local building materials. The destruction continued and accelerated during The Reformation in the 16th…

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