Lebanon: the Cedar tree

National Symbols

In the historical flow of ancient Phoenician civilization to the modern Lebanese Republic, the cedar trees stand firmly, imposingly over the snow-capped mountain ranges of Eastern Mediterranea. They are the most fundamental factor forming the cultural identity of Lebanon, as long as the cedar trees still stand, the Lebanese people will stand strong through harshness and hardship. 

Physical location map of Lebanon.Physical location map of Lebanon (maphill.com)

Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdP4DC49v_0

1. History of Lebanon

Lebanon is located in West Asia, lies at the crossroads of the Mediterranean basin and the Arabian hinterland, is a country with a complex history and known for its rich diversity of religions and ethnic groups. This is the smallest sovereign country on the mainland Asian continent. Lebanon was the home of the Canaan and Phoenician civilizations, a maritime civilization that flourished for nearly 3000 years (from 3200-539 BC). In 64 BC, Lebanon became a colony of…

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