Chasing Geography Textbooks in a Camper Van 7 – Stonehenge and Avebury

Devon Geography

IMG_3558 Photograph – Paul Berry

The camper van continues to explore in 2019! The purpose of the project started last year is explained below:

ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 18 14.41

I often zoom past Stonehenge while travelling on the A303, and haven’t visited this famous monument close-up since childhood. So I decided to spend some time in this part of Wiltshire, enjoying not just Stonehenge itself, but also nearby Silbury Hill and the stone circles at Avebury – important historic sites that combine to form a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

001The textbook inspiration for the location in this blog came from an image of Silbury in the ‘Landforms’ book by Ian Galbraith and Patrick Wiegand, and a picture of Stonehenge from a more recent publication used at the end of my teaching career – the Oxford Geography AQA GCSE textbook.


Photo 29-07-2019, 23 35 13 Image: Paul Berry (using PhotoLab Pro)

IMG_3547 Photo – P Berry

Silbury Hill is part of the sacred…

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