The Beltany Stone Circle

Daniel Collins

The Beltany stone circle is an Irish Neolithic monument situated upon the levelled summit of Tops Hill just south of the Ulster plantation town of Raphoe in fertile east Donegal. It is one of the county’s lesser-known and less-celebrated heritage sites.

20150805_132614 The Beltany stone circle.

A rare item of national media coverage was devoted to the stone circle in the Irish Times back in 2005; then, Eileen Battersby wrote of it in glowing terms, but with justified enthusiasm:

A short walk along a gently winding path flanked by forestry leads up a County Donegal hillside. The views of the landscape of counties Donegal and Tyrone are long and generous and include the burial mound atop Croaghan Hill. This is mythology and folklore laid open on a natural stage. At its centre is one of Ireland’s most dramatic and evocative Neolithic monuments, the Beltany stone circle.

One of five such monuments in…

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