The origin of Valentine’s Day is found in the ancient pagan culture of Rome and Greece. The month of February was always considered as a month of romance and fertility. History proves that St. Valentine’s day originated from two obscene Roman festivals of fertility called Lupercalia and Feast of Juno Februata both celebrated in mid-February. 

According to one version, Lupercalia (February 14) was a festival dedicated to the she-wolf. It was a she-wolf that was said to have nursed Romulus and Remus, the twin founders of Rome. On this day the priests would sacrifice goats and a dog, smearing the animal blood on Roman youths, who were clad in goatskin thongs. These formed a band known as the luperci and they performed such antics as whipping bystanders with a goatskin strip (known as februa). Women lashed with the februa were thought to become fertile and bear children. In actuality, the…

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