Gilgamesh & Achilles

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Gilgamesh & Achilles

Aristotle, who said that, „…man is incapable of working
in common, or in his self-sufficiency has no need of others, is no part of a
community, like a beast or a god. I will try to compare the figures of Achilles
and Gilgamesh in light of this statement, as well as, the meaning of a hero’s
relationship to his community.

First, we have Gilgamesh, who’s 2/3 god and 1// human and
who’s epic story is the earliest recorded epic that is often referred to as the
“world’s oldest epic hero.” Gilgamesh was born during the time when cuneiform,
which is the oldest writing system in the world, was used. Cuneiform is a clay
or stone based slab that will have wedge-shaped characters incised into the
clay. Gilgamesh is also known to be connected to those of the second and third
millenniums BC. Gilgamesh domain of rule was…

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