Gilgamesh and the Wild Man Eabani/Enkidu

Ancient Mystery

The Giant King Gilgamesh and the Wild Man Eabani, the Anunnaki also play a prominent role in the Epic of Gilgamesh which is looked at in detail using information from Professor A.H.Sayce and Lewis Spence and my very own all-seeing eye sight. The Gilgamesh epic, the ancient mythological poem of Babylonia, which originally belong to the older epoch’ of Babylonian mythology, the Gilgamesh epic ranks with the Babylonian myth of creation as one of the greatest literary productions of ancient Babylonia. The epic, which centres round the ancient city of Erech, relates the adventures of a half-human, half divine hero, Gilgamesh by name, who is king over Erech/Uruk. Two other characters figure prominently in the narrative as mentioned Eabani, who evidently typifies primitive man, and Ut-Napishtim, the hero of the Babylonian deluge myth. Each of the three would seem to have been originally the hero of a separate group of…

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