Sphinges of London


Look around you. Can you see it yet? London is full of references to Ancient Egypt.

Sphinx like shapes and forms

There have been many beasts in London: the pigeon, the fox, and the deer. Many who have travelled or been brought to make it their home: grey squirrels, parakeets and terrapins. But the most unusual of these, is the sphinx.

London is famous for many architectural gems of the Neo-Classical, Neo-Gothic and Neo-Post-Modernist styles. Her street furniture is replete with lions, Britannias and old forgotten Victorian men venerating the guana.

London is also home to several sphinges (the plural of sphinx). Many are connected to buildings in the Egyptian style but not all. Here be just some of the most notable.

York Gate

The York Watergate was designed by Inigo Jones. It was the river entrance to the Duke of Buckingham’s palace on the strand. The Thames was a…

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