Is Enlightenment Necessary? Reconsidering Socrates’s Claim About the „Unexamined Life“

The Enlightened Mind

There are quite a few arguments about ethics and morality given by people from a myriad of backgrounds throughout history, but of all the sometimes cliché teachings that have stuck around to today, Socrates’s claim that „the unexamined life is not worth living“ has been the most influential claim I’ve come across in my entire life. Not everyone agrees with this claim – in fact, some people find it degrading to others – but I find that it is absolutely true not only for myself, but also for anyone who seeks to accomplish anything of meaning in life. Let’s review some of the arguments around this subject and see what seems like reasonable assertions about value and what seems like elitist arrogance, if there is any. First, the context in which Socrates gave this claim must be reviewed to see if it’s more than a personal opinion.

Socrates is reported…

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