Tammuz, the Green Man

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Tammuz the Green Man

I’ve been listening to the Children/YA book series Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott, and in the last book I finished (Book 4), one of the characters was Tammuz, the Mesopotamian god also known as the Green Man. I took a class on Ancient Near Eastern History during my undergraduate years, so I was interested in finding out more about him based off his description in the book.  Now I knew a bit about the Green Man from Celtic/British mythology, but apparently his origins begin as Dumazi in Sumeria as a shepherd god of food and vegetation, but also of fertility and the symbol of death and rebirth in nature. According to Encyclopedia Mythica, „Each year he dies in the hot summer (in the month Tammus, June/July) and his soul is taken by the Akkadian demons to the underworld. Woe and desolation fall upon the earth, and Ishtar leads the world in lamentation. She then…

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