Planet Myths: The Story Behind Saturn

Jessica Davidson

Saturn represents your need for structure, limitation and security. As the reality principle, it stands for the workings of karma and necessity. It keeps you grounded in the material world through your relationship to time and the facts of existence, suffering, old age and death. In the past, Saturn was known as the Greater Malefic and had a fearsome reputation, but perhaps he’s been misunderstood…

Saturn orbits at the visual boundary of the solar system and has a 29 – 30 year cycle. It rules two signs – Capricorn and Aquarius – which shows its dual nature. In Capricorn, Saturn stands for the principle of order and boundaries in the material world, while in Aquarius it represents order on the mental or spiritual level.

The Saturn glyph is the cross of matter above the crescent moon of the soul, representing the soul’s incarnation in physical form. It’s also…

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