Rome – Older Than You Thought!


Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Roman Antiquities 1.73:

But if anyone would care to look at the earlier past, they would find a third and even older Rome which was founded before Aeneas and the Trojans came to Italy. None of the popular or modern historians have written about this, but one can find it in the works of Antiochus of Syracuse, whom I have mentioned before. He says that, while Morges ruled in Italy (and Italy was then just the coast from Tarentum to Posidonia), a certain refugee from Rome came to him, and said, ‘When Italus got old, Morges took the throne. During his time, a refugee came from Rome, and his name was Sicelus.’ According to this Syracusan author, then, there is an old city of Rome which predates the Trojan War. Whether it was in the same place in which the current city of Rome now stands, or…

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