St. Helena and the True Cross

San Lázaro de Betania

May 3, We celebrate and commemorate the feast of the Finding of the Cross of Christ.

According to tradition the wooden cross on which Jesus has died has been buried somewhere in Golgotha. This relic along with the other instruments of His passion (Nail, Thorn INRI title board etc)

It is a Jewish custom to bury anything used for the execution of a person. This is in reference to respect for blood as something sacred.

Überlingen Church - the finding of the true cross

In 327 the Empress Helena out of love for Christ and according to the instructions of the Emperor Constantine, traveled to the Holy Land in order to find the cross on which Jesus died. The Christians then, has always remembered the place of Calvary, upon which there is a temple dedicated to Venus. Helen ordered the building to be destroyed and to excavate the place.

After much hardships and effort (lacking the modern technologies) Helen…

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