Do you know that the word cereals derives from the Roman Goddess Ceres and the cult of Mother Earth (Magna Mater)?



The Roman goddess Ceres was in origin an ancient Greek and then Italic divinity called Demeter. She was the goddess of agriculture,the cycle of the seasons, grain crops and fertility. The ancient Romans dedicated to her an important Festival called Cerealia held from mid to late April. (from the 12th to approximately the 19th of April). The festival usually organized by the plebeian aediles and included circus games the ludi circenses and included also ludi scaenici which were theatrical religious events.


The legend says that the daughter of Ceres Persephone (Proserpina for the Romans)was picking flowers when, all of a sudden, Hades god of the Underworld, bursts out of the ground, grabs her and dragged her down to the underworld. Her mother, Demeter after hearing her daughter’s scream, tries to know what happened but nobody can tell something. So, Demeter Wanders all over the earth to look for her and…

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