Roman alphabet


TrajanColumn3 Letters from Trajan’s column in Rome.

The Roman alphabet (since -600), also called the Latin alphabet, was the set of letters the Romans used to write Latin. Spread by Roman and Western empires and by Catholic and Protestant religion, in 2015 it is now the most common form of writing in the world, with over 1.9 billion users.

Through the ages:


In -2000 in Egypt the first alphabet was invented. Meant as a poor man’s hieroglyphics, it turned out to be a stroke of genius.

phoenecian Phoenician alphabet, runs right to left.

By -1000, Phoenicians were using a simpler form of it.

greek_cretan_-800 A very early form of the Greek alphabet, from Crete in -800. Runs right to left.

In -800, the Greeks began to write their language using the Phoenician alphabet, but it did not quite fit. It had no vowels – and vowels in Greek are hugely important. So they…

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